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The Earthworm Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (ESB) aims to promote and support scientific research so that earthworms and their environment can be better understood. Through its work the society aims to encourage the conservation of earthworms and their habitats and to educate and inspire people so that these fascinating creatures may continue to be enjoyed in the future.

National Earthworm Recording Scheme Report 2016

NERS total records 2016

The records submitted to the National Earthworm Recording Scheme during 2016 have been processed and we bring you this report to show you what these records are starting to tell us. All of the records covered by this report are available to download from the NBN Gateway (just search for Earthworm Society of Britain).

2016 was a great year for the ESB and this report summarises our progress regarding:

Wiltshire Earthworm Identification Weekend




Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

The Wild Connections team have teamed up with the Earthworm Society of Britain to bring you this weekend specifically tailored for discovering Wiltshire's earthworm species. One day will be dedicated to field sampling, and the second to identification, this is a great opportunity to gain an in depth knowledge, and help to contribute to the county's earthworm records. 

Meet: Earthworm Identification Weekend

South Cumbria Earthworm Identification Weekend


FSC Castle Head Field Centre, Grange over Sands, Cumbria. LA11 6QT


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ESB Earthworm Identification Weekends are two-day courses suitable for beginners and more experienced recorders alike, involving a sampling day in the field with an identification workshop the following day. These workshops provide participants with the knowledge and skills they will need to sample, identify and record British earthworms, provide support/verification for existing earthworm recorders and generate new earthworm records/species lists for previously unrecorded sites.